Why we spell and call our Vodka AnestasiA

Anestasia and Anastasia are two names rich in world history, literature, and pop culture, especially Anastasia with 4 a’s. People often misspell our vodka Anastasia Vodka, which is completely understandable given the other name's popularity. Please remember this AnestasiA has one e.

Our spelling comes from our founder's family name and characteristically the bottle shape has strong representation of the letter A and the letter V as in vodka.

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Here's a link to interesting uses with Anastasia vs AnestasiA, including the character Anastasia from the famous novel Fifty Shades of Grey: Las Vegas Top Picks Comparison of AnestasiA vs Anastasia

"Our spelling comes from my family name of vodka makers, Anestasia"

– Yuliya Mamontova